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Interior fit out companies in UAE

Best Interior Fitout Company in UAE | Tailored Interior Fitout Solutions

Luxury and More is proud to be one of the best interior fitout companies UAE. With a proven track of record of delivering excellent and exceeding client expectations, we transform your space into captivating haven. 
We understand that each space is unique and deserves a customised touch that captures the spirit of your business or home. Our team at Luxury and More specialize in crafting custom interior fitout solutions that combines aesthetics and functionality. We guarantee a complete strategy that addresses every facet of your project from inception to implementation.
With years of expertise in the field, our team of talented designers and craftsmen have the extensive knowledge of the most recent trend and innovations in interior fitout. Our ability to produce projects that not only meet but also surpass industry standards helps us to create new norms for excellence in the UAE market.

As one of the best interior fit out companies in UAE we provide you with the following services:

Crafting Exceptional Interiors: Interior Fit Out Services Across UAE


Commercial & Hospitality Interior Fitout

We specialise in creating warm functional spaces for various commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, spas, resorts, etc. We ensure that our designs enhance a warm and memorable guest experience. 


Schools/Colleges Interior Fitout

We assist schools and colleges in fostering an environment favourable for intellectual growth and innovation through our experience in designing dynamic and inspiring learning environments.


With out interior fitout solution we specialise in creating modern effective office spaces that enhance productivity and improves employee wellbeing.



Kid's Room and Bedroom Interior Fitout

We develop fun and inviting rooms for both kids and adults, making sure that each design aspect encourages comfort and uniqueness.


While the list above is just short of our service, we do extend our services to various sectors and other establishments too. We stand out as a reputable name in the interior fit-out market across the UAE because to our thorough approach and commitment to quality.

Why Go for Interior Fitout Services in UAE? 

Interior fit-out services in UAE are crucial for ensuring the best possible use of space, blending practical design with aesthetically pleasing appeal, and utilising expert knowledge to speed up the construction process. 
Luxury & More the leading interior fit-out company in Dubai, UAE ensure adherence to industry standards, maximise time and cost effectiveness, and ultimately help to create individualised, welcoming, and productive settings, whether for institutional, residential, or commercial uses.

Why Choose Luxury and More?

Being one of the top interior fit out companies in UAE, by choosing us you are sure to have your ideal business partner bringing your wealth of expertise, dedication and customer-centric approach to every project. As a reputable business, we take great satisfaction in offering personalised solutions that are catered to the particular requirements and tastes of every customer. Our team is made up of talented designers, project managers, and construction experts that work together in unison to flawlessly realise your vision. 

We being the top interior fit out companies in Dubai, you can anticipate a smooth and stress-free experience from beginning to end when working with Luxury and More. As your point of contact, our committed project managers will keep you updated and involved at every turn. 


Unparalleled Expertise

With years of experience in the field, our expert team possess a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies needed for the interior fitout solutions.


Client-Centric Approach

Our top priority is making you happy. We place a high value on collaboration, open communication, and transparency to make sure that your needs and goals are kept in mind while we make decisions.


Quality Assurance

With our adherence to the highest industry standards and best practices we ensure that every aspect of our project is executed very carefully with attention to every detail.


Timely Delivery

We recognise the value of on-time project delivery. Due to our effective project management, we can meet deadlines without sacrificing the calibre or integrity of the final products.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our dedication to offering affordable solutions enables us to provide great outcomes within your allocated spending limit, guaranteeing that you get the highest return on your investment without sacrificing quality.

Design, Build, Manage: Expert Interior Fit Out Solutions in UAE 

With the help of dedicated project managers and skilled site teams at our interior contracting companies in Dubai, you can turn your space into a masterpiece of both design and usability. To start a journey towards building a space that reflects your individual vision and takes it to new levels of perfection, get in touch with us right away.


What is the difference between interior design and interior fit-out?

The main goal of interior design is to plan and create a space's practical and visual elements, such as its arrangement, colour palette, and furniture. Interior fit-out, on the other hand, is carrying out the design concept in practice, which includes building, installing fixtures, and adding finishing touches to make the space both aesthetically pleasing and functional as intended.

Do I need an interior fit-out company for my project?

It's smart to hire interior fit out companies in Dubai if you have a design idea but require experts to carry it out successfully. They can oversee the actual aspects of building and installation and have the knowledge, tools, and experience to realise your vision. 

What services typically do an interior fit-out company offer?

A wide range of services, such as project management, construction, carpentry, electrical and plumbing work, fixture and fitting installation, painting, and finishing touches, are typically provided by interior fit out companies in Abu Dhabi. Some might also offer services like design consultation.

How much does an interior fit-out project typically cost?

Various factors, like the size of the space, intricacy of the design, quality of materials, and scope of work, can greatly affect the cost of an interior fit-out project. It's essential to ask the interior fit out companies in Dubai for a comprehensive price based on your unique needs.

How long will it take to complete my fit-out project?

The duration of a fit-out project is determined by a number of variables, including the space's dimensions, the design's intricacy, the accessibility of materials, and the fit-out company's level of efficiency. Based on these elements, a schedule can be created during the first consultation stage.


Do you offer design services as part of the fit-out process?

In addition to fit-out services, several interior fit out companies in Abu Dhabi provide interior design services. To find out if the business can help with the project's design, it is advised to ask about this at the first session.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?

A project manager will usually be assigned by an interior fit out companies in Dubai like Luxury and More, and this person will be your main point of contact for the duration of the project. They will supervise every facet of the fit-out procedure and guarantee that you and the crew are communicating effectively.

How will I be kept informed about the progress of my project?

Through a variety of channels, including face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, emails, and project management software, your project manager will keep you informed on the status of the fit-out project on a frequent basis. For smooth updates, you can talk with our project manager at the start of the project about your preferred method of contact. 

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