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MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) systems are frequently used in the building automation industry. If you've spent much time researching building automation, you should be aware that mechanical and electrical plans are the essential elements of your construction procedure. If you are looking for interior engineering companies in UAE, then Luxury & more is ready to assist you.


Building structures must be created using MEP blueprints. The MEP shop drawings provide a guide for outlining the specifics of how a building ought to be put together. The MEP plans provide a wealth of information for MEP engineers. Plans for the buildings' HVAC and electrical systems show how they are organized, taking into account the primary function of Building Automation System (BAS) control. The structures benefit from using the MEP Shop Drawings Services for construction projects.

Role of MEP in Buildings


Coordinated MEP shop drawings offer numerous design-build projects in many fields and give a lot of support. These illustrations include:


  • Electrical engineering drawings

  • Coordination between below- and above-ceiling work

  • Composite illustrations

  • Coordinated shop drawings

  • Metal sheet detailing

  • Pipe construction

  • HVAC and ductwork plans

  • Plumbing diagrams

  • Details of mechanical piping

  • Detailed mechanical and HVAC drawings

  • Equipment positioning


These details are important as they can help designers and architectural experts to locate specific details during renovation.

Roles of a skilled MEP contractor for interior design


  • MEP engineers make sure that everyday tasks are completed quickly and support the development of ongoing projects.

  • Project expectations can be greatly improved by using an experienced MEP consultant.

  • Plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and modern piping systems all require detailed blueprints, unique specifications, and cost estimates from MEP Engineers. They aid in reading specifications and blueprints in accordance with the strategy.

  • The MEP Engineer is required to provide a technical opinion to the workforce designer, supervisor, inspector, and contracting carrier issuer about the installation and maintenance of the MEP System. They will be aware of any issues with the conception, arrangement, control, and delegation of several projects.

  • MEP Engineers are required to organize, plan, and compare the work produced by consultants, contractors, and others. A MEP engineer will be an expert in MS Office, AutoCAD, and construction project management software.

  • MEP Engineers also promote and monitor field health and safety. They must also keep track of all infractions and notify the project manager.


The best MEP Engineering plan in UAE, Luxury & More have years of expertise in the architectural, interior, and MEP field. Our team is handpicked and only skilled experts are hired who go above and beyond to show their caliber. We are a reputable and leading provider of turnkey interior solutions. Contact us if you need MEP contractors in UAE for your upcoming project. We would love to hear from you. Call to connect with us at +971 2 6 333 406.

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