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Modern Arabic Interior Design Concepts for Today

Updated: May 21

Interior design is a bustling space of creative minds who tag along with the trends in the market at a fast pace.


Grazing new fields every day this industry has contributed a gamut of designs which range from simple and neat designs to theme-oriented designs.


Among these varieties, one that stands out and has passed the test of time is the Arabic Interior Design concept.


Colored with luxury and grandiose these designs incorporate the history of Islamic civilization with many other cultures worldwide.


Being an exotic concept Arabic interior design has occupied a higher place and value for those who wish to have a unique design concept with inclinations for history as well as luxury.


Best residential interior companies in UAE have acquired specialization in this concept of interior designing for the demand that is there in the market.


In this blog we will have a look at the latest trend in the Arabic interior design concept:


Geometry and Patterns

The use of shapes and patterns is a core feature of Arabic designs. Best residential interior companies in UAE try to merge the traditional patterns with modern intricate patterns which are reflected in furniture, doors, windows, and textile elements of the design.


The ‘Jali’ patterns of the Islamic tradition is an exquisite design that accommodates privacy as well as light requirements.


Vibrant Colours

Another modern Arabic interior design concept is the use of deep and bright colors. This trend includes the use of ruby red, yellow, and orange among many other bright shades used in this trend today. Carpets and curtains of these vibrant colors also give an exotic look to these designs, says the best residential interior companies in UAE.


Luxurious Materials

According to the best residential interior companies in UAE, the addition of luxurious materials, particularly gold and brass-coated kitchen utensils and dining items, flower vases and tea trays evoke opulence and add a modern flair.


Innovative Lighting

When it comes to lighting the use of lanterns ushers in the blend of the traditional to the modern Arabic interior design concepts. Introducing drop chandeliers and lanterns with intricate designs is a thing of the modern Arabic designs which shout out luxury and opulence. The ‘jali’ designs mentioned above are also taken as inspiration to come up with innovative lighting options.


Contemporary Furniture with Arabic influences

This section of Arabic design includes the use of deep wood with intricate engravings. Best residential interior companies in UAE through these designs give a blend of the traditional and modern. The use of low tables and benches also seems to be in vogue among Arabic design concepts.


The Arabic design also accommodates a lot of cushions and sitting options in its designs. This is a reflection of a tradition that gives importance to family gatherings.


Indoor - Outdoor connections

The traditional Arabic concept of open spaces is also taken as inspiration for modern Arabic interior design concepts. Best residential interior companies in UAE have welcomed the interaction of natural elements in their approach towards Arabic interior designs.


The opulence and grandiosity these concepts provide for modern Arabic designs are beyond words.


With proven expertise and professionalism best residential interior companies in UAE like Luxury and More leave an impeccable taste for the traditional elements in their Arabic interior designs.


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