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Pantone 2024: Incorporating Peach Fuzz into Your Interior Décor

To quote unquote the American interior designer and writer Mark Hampton: 


“Real Comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room”


The ‘visual’ part of his statement can be drawn out to emphasize the significance of color in interior spaces. The psychological impact of colors in enhancing certain moods is a topic that has got its significance in recent years. The latest addition to this discourse is the selection of peach fuzz as the color of the year, 2024 by Pantone Color Institute. As such a global leader in color trends has made it obvious that this color radiates warmth and modern elegance it is time that we understand it and incorporate it into our interior décor. Best interior design companies in UAE have already taken the lead in this direction.


Interior Designing with Peach Fuzz

  • Peach Fuzz as an Accent Color: It can be incorporated into accessories and textiles such as throw pillows and curtains. Interior designer Anna Brockway suggests such incorporations stating that they add warmth and personality to spaces. Best interior design companies in Abu Dhabi also recommend using this velvety gentle peach to accent walls while contrasting them with neutral tones like white or beige.

  • Bring Peach Fuzz into Upholstery: Try incorporating peach fuzz for upholstery fabrics for chairs, sofas, or ottomans. Interior designers consider such an addition to add warmth and sophistication to a room. Plush fabrics such as velvet or chenille are another suggestion to enhance the color in these upholsteries. 

  • Pair Peach Fuzz with Neutral Tones: As in the case of accent walls pairing peach fuzz in your interiors with neutral tones such as white, beige, or gray can help create a soft and harmonious color palette. Designer Eilyn Jimenez in a Forbes article recommends peach fuzz as the main accent color while incorporating neutral shades for walls, furniture, and larger décor pieces. 

  • Ceilings, The Fifth Wall: Ceilings can be painted with the soft hue of peach fuzz. In rooms with high ceilings or ample natural light, this will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere without overwhelming the space. Applying peach fuzz-colored textured paint on the ceilings is a way to create visual interest and draw eyes upwards. Best interior design companies in Dubai even consider adding decorative elements such as ceiling tiles or panels with similar hues.

  • Wall Art: Hanging artworks or tapestries with peach fuzz elements can add subtle layers of this color to the interiors. Fabrics can be embroidered with geometric patterns or floral designs and showcased on the walls.

  • Natural Elements: Elements such as wooden furniture, potted plants, natural fibers, stone or ceramic items, and natural light are combinations that can enhance the peach fuzz décor in your interiors. These elements work well with the soft and cozy appeal of this Pantone color of the year. Thus such combinations with this color offer an inviting atmosphere. 



Interior design companies in UAE find these solutions exciting since there are too many options to choose from. However, the best interior design company will be able to filter the redundant elements while offering a warm and inviting interior for their clientele. Since such attention to detail is essential to give the right enhancement for interior aesthetics the choice of such a company can make a considerable difference in your interiors. Luxury & More is the ideal place to approach to meet such expectations. With guaranteed quality of work, cutting edge technology and cost cutting strategies we found pride in being the best interior designing company in UAE.

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