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Office Interior design in UAE

Office Interior Design Dubai

Office Interior Design Dubai

Without a plan, how can we achieve anything in life? There are a lot of factors to take into account when restructuring an office, which is why businesses all over the world are turning to office planning specialists for assistance. And it's among the wisest choices you'll ever make. We at Luxury & More work with you to understand what can fit into your budgets, follow health and safety laws, and learn how a specialized work environment may help your brand and business flourish. Our team of office interior designer Dubai experts at Luxury & More expertly combine furnishings, coatings, and materials to create environments that are uniquely suited for your company and that inspire, nurture, connect, and unite your people. We start by taking a close look at your company's distinct identity and goals.


There are some important factors to be taken into consideration, whether you need to relocate, refurbish, or rebrand. That is why you require a qualified office design and commercial fit out Dubai company to assist you at every stage. And professional office planning is where it all begins.


Our methodology combines technology application, design theory, and human behaviour. The office interior designer Dubai at Luxury & More employ a comprehensive strategy that turns areas into dynamic settings that stimulate output, teamwork, and a strong feeling of identity for both your company and its employees.

The Office Interior Design Process

Since workplace strategy and a data-driven approach to office design are fundamental to everything we do, we have developed a distinct framework.  

Our primary goal is to create environments where people flourish and businesses prosper, as we are in the business of assisting companies in understanding their current and future needs. Our clients have a clear roadmap for where their workplace strategy journey with us will take them when they use our experience-driven formula for success. 


Choosing the correct partner for your Dubai office interior design might make all the difference when transferring workplaces. You want a business that has a track record of success, fully comprehends your needs, and, quite frankly, has a team that is enjoyable to work with. Don't forget that your office represents your company and is a major factor in attracting, hiring, and inspiring talented employees, so making the necessary time and financial commitments will pay off. 

Dubai's Award-Winning Office Fit Out Company: Create Your Dream Workspace

In addition to satisfying your fundamental necessities, a workspace should motivate your group and showcase the expansion of your business. With years of experience in offering Office interior design Dubai services, we provide a comprehensive variety of services, from planning to carrying out, all in one location. Our work exhibits a high level of professionalism in all aspects.

In order to maximise your productivity, we give functionality and user experience top priority in our designs. We design areas that complement the aesthetic of your team while adhering to your concept. We take care of everything, from design to implementation.

With our Dubai office interior design services, we love to convert your office space into a layout that benefits your company.

Our Office Interior Services

Taking a workplace transformation from initial strategy to design and delivery means that the entire process is managed by a close-knit team. It’s our collective skills and resources that take your project from beginning to end; right through from the brief to site build and ongoing maintenance.

⦁    Office Design

Our speciality is designing creative and useful offices that enhance productivity and represent your company identity.

⦁    Office Fitout

Our proficiency encompasses workplace fitouts, guaranteeing the smooth amalgamation of furnishings, fittings, and technology to maximise spatial efficiency.

⦁    Office Furniture Selection

We help you choose pieces that complement your workstation by combining elegance and utility with our carefully chosen collection of furniture.

Office Fitout

⦁    Office Restructure

Whether your office is growing or shrinking, we offer tactical solutions that optimise productivity and throughput.

⦁    Technology Integration

Our services enable the smooth incorporation of technology into your office layout, guaranteeing productivity and communication within the workplace.

⦁    Branding and Corporate Identity Integration

Our team creates spaces that are harmonious and accurately represent your corporate identity by integrating your branding elements into the office design.

Trust Luxury & More for all your office interior needs, from design conceptualization to implementation, to create a workspace that inspires and empowers your team. 

Crafting Stylish and Functional Office Interiors Dubai

Luxury & More, highly known as the best office interior design Dubai company is a creative and attractive office space design company that puts an emphasis on both aesthetics and practicality. Because of our dedication to quality, we guarantee that each project results in a distinctive and motivating workspace that is customised to meet the demands of our clients. Put your trust in us to take the sophistication and productivity of your office environment to new levels.

Dubai Office Interior Design

The teams at Luxury & More offer full design consulting services and guarantee the greatest office interior design. At Luxury & More, the office interior designer Dubai put a lot of effort into creating an amazing interior design for your office. Since we are regarded as one of the best office interior design firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Corporate, contemporary, sophisticated, and opulent office interior designs are among our areas of expertise. Speak with us to determine the ideal interior design for your place of business. 

Elevate your office space with Luxury & More, where experience, expertise, and creative vision converge to create exceptional interiors. Our team of experienced office interior designer Dubai is dedicated to exceeding client expectations, ensuring every project is a testament to innovation and client satisfaction. Choose Luxury & More for unparalleled office interior design solutions in Dubai.


Customized Office Interior Solutions

At Luxury & More, we specialize in tailoring our office interiors Dubai design services to meet the unique needs, preferences, and objectives of each client, seamlessly adapting to various industries, workspace requirements, and design aesthetics. Our streamlined process encompasses everything from the initial consultation to project completion, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free experience for our clients.


  • What types of office spaces does your interior design company specialize in?
    Luxury & More is one of the office interior design companies in Dubai, Providing the best office Interior design service and commercial fit out all over UAE.We specialize in all kinds of interior designs, and have many unique and contemporary themes that could convert your office into amazing workspaces that facilitate a happy working environment. 

  • Can you provide examples of your previous office interior design projects?
    We have a dedicated gallery at our website that showcases our works so far. Feel free to browse through them and call us the top agency for office interior design in Abu Dhabi, if you want to know more. 

  • Can you assist with space planning and optimizing the layout for maximum efficiency?
    Absolutely. Our team of architects and award-winning designers can optimize the workspace to accommodate all your employees, and still give them the space and privacy to work optimally. The idea is to give them an environment where productivity is enhanced. 

  • Do you have experience in designing specialized office spaces like co-working spaces or executive suites?
    Yes, our office interior design in UAE is one of the best, and we understand the work environment before designing specialized space like co-working areas and executive suites. We have worked on multiple projects like this before, and are very proud to showcase them in our gallery. 

  • How do you incorporate branding and company culture into office design?
    At Luxury & More, we believe that every work environment is unique and different. The designs should reflect the essence of your brand and company culture. We will design branding elements, color schemes, and cultural values accordingly. Being one of the best office interior design companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE our ideas are all fresh and unique, so they resonate with your brand and inculcate company culture. 

  • Do you provide office design solutions that promote employee well-being and productivity?
    Absolutely, that is one of the primary focuses when we design the offices.  We will make the offices warm and inviting with cheerful colors and designs, in perfect collaboration with your brand identity. We infuse elements of ergonomic design and natural lighting to make this happen.

  • Can you help with acoustic solutions and soundproofing in office spaces?
    Oh yes. Too much noise can be distracting and disturbing for the employees. So we will design the office Interior design in Abu Dhabi, UAE in such a way that the employees get privacy, but will not be disturbed by conversations and loud noises.  We do this by the strategic placement of sound-absorbing materials, sophisticated partitioning, and acoustic panel installations.

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