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Residential Interior Design

We can take a project from an original concept through to the fabrication, installation, and fit-out of an interior using a whole service approach that can include a market study, brand development, innovative concept creation, integrated graphics, and branding. This makes the interior design really commercial because everything is done to maximize profit for the client and their company.


Unwind and take pleasure in the tranquillity of knowing that your dream house, addition, or renovation will be completed on time and within your projected budget. You will have your very personal designer when you work with Luxury & More, who will serve as an inspiration to realize your vision. If you are looking for the best residential interior companies in UAE, then we are there for you.


Our comprehensive consultations are made to assist you at every stage. From new construction or problem-solving redesigns to styling and soft furnishings. We will evaluate your current interior (or architectural blueprints) during the initial consultation to determine what modifications and additions need to be taken into account. After that, we will have a full discussion of the design's goals and a price range that you are comfortable with. We will then be able to develop a customized action plan for your unique project and its particular deliverables. Upon request, we may provide a time estimate for finishing your project.


We will respond to any inquiries and effectively complete the fit-out of your new residential house. Integrating contemporary trends like activity-based working, height-adjustable workstations, and breakout areas should be taken into consideration to boost staff productivity.


We have established a reputation as the Interior fit out companies in UAE over the course of our many years in business. We can turn your concept into a reality by helping with everything from layout planning to furniture selection.


Modern homes benefit from our accuracy, beauty, and understated luxury. We take great pleasure in having the capacity to develop completely unique design concepts for each project. In order to create interiors that represent our customers' personalities and enhance the architecture of the space, we accompany them on a creative journey. We enjoy using a combination of mid-century, Scandinavian, and contemporary influences to design unpretentious rooms. We avoid bold or overly decorated areas and favor an air of subtle luxury. The challenge of designing interiors for urban buildings where apartments are small and creative space arrangement is needed appeals to us.

Benefits of choosing Residential Interior Company

Interior design is an essential consideration for any area, whether it is an apartment, villa, or condo. Your interior space design needs to be done with great attention.


Employing a qualified interior designer to complete your interior design has several benefits. It improves the aesthetics and comfort of your home. Your quality of life and how you view interior spaces are both improved by interior design. The following are the main benefits of hiring a qualified interior designer:

Budget and Time Management

Excellent time and money management are one of the most important advantages of hiring interior design pros. Without their assistance, you run the risk of having trouble managing the project's deadline for interior design. For reasons that could have been handled correctly by a professional, you could lose a significant amount of money and lose a lot of time. The interior designer will know right away which product brands fit your budget and provide appropriate recommendations. This will help you avoid a lot of headaches and valuable time.

Advisory Services.jpg
Advisory Services

A qualified interior designer has the ability to offer a qualified assessment that will assist you in better managing the budget for your interior design project.

One-Stop Solution

Finding materials and hiring numerous contractors to do construction and other physical activities is a terrifying process. It can be necessary for you to investigate their credibility, carry out in-person showroom surveys, and get references. Those who are not fully prepared may find this process to be quite infuriating and distressing. Therefore, one of the numerous uses of interior design provided by agencies or consultants is obtaining a full-service one-stop shop. All of the supplies for your project will be sourced by your consultant. They will make sure you receive suggestions for the top plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other tradespeople in the industry. They will monitor the ongoing project and even do site supervision.


Ergonomic design

Ergonomics plays a significant role in interior design. Ergonomics opposes fitting a large canopy bed into a tiny space or scattering sparse furnishings around a large space, and professionals in the field of interior design are particularly aware of this. They ensure that the room and the furniture are ergonomically designed. They will offer a skilled eye that will keep your more irrational expectations in check.

Knowledge and


Both art and science have a place in interior design. An expert gets better with practice. He will provide you with the trinity of extensive experience, refined abilities, and the ability to express the customer's vision. It is obvious that a qualified interior designer can give any place quality and credibility. Therefore, hiring an expert is a wonderful idea to access his or her experience, style, and skill.


Our interior and exterior decoration services satisfy the various requirements of our customers as we work hard to conduct thorough research to be unique in the field.


Feel free to connect with us at +971 2 6 333 406.

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