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Maximizing Productivity with Smart Furniture Choices

Updated: Feb 17

Furniture used to be an indispensable element of interior design. Until recently this was true when we talk in terms of aesthetic appeal only. This notion has made way to the functional features of furniture in interior designs. The latest update is that such smart furniture choices have implications for maximizing productivity.

Productivity should also be seen in the new light of shifting work cultures. Employees around the world have begun to see the relevance of offices becoming comforting spaces. An approach of drawing pleasure from work all the more necessitates smart furniture solutions that factor in the comfort of employees. Productivity draws its fuel from compliance with these employee demands.

With these shifting perspectives in mind, let us try to have better insights into the power of smart furniture choices in maximizing productivity.


Ergonomics matters 

Ergonomics is basically the study of people in their engagements in the workspace. It aspires to provide the necessary well-being for employees to work comfortably. 

A study published in the National Library of Medicine, US shows that the sedentary way of life which has increased in the post-pandemic period has elevated the risks of mortality, metabolic diseases, and musculoskeletal diseases. With these risks, the posture and comfort of employees become all the more important these days. The chair, work table, and other furniture in an office space should be chosen with proper consideration for employee well-being. A height-adjustable seat or a table needs to be factored in while choosing the best furniture for your workspace.

Posture considerations involve the following:

  • The shoulders should be aligned with the hips.

  • The shoulder should not touch the ears.

  • The head should be placed above the shoulders.

It is also necessary that the chosen furniture offers proper alignment for your back. 

Such considerations will ensure that the workforce works comfortably resulting in productive outputs. This will also reduce sick leaves caused by unhealthy office furniture.


Smart storage spaces

The psychological well-being of the workforce also needed considerations within furniture choices of office interior design in UAE

A working desk with enough space to arrange essentials gives an impression of an organized workspace for employees. That impression will enhance employee mood and thus productivity.

Other than desk space smart storage furniture solutions give better organization for the workspace along with saving considerable space.


Relaxation space and productivity

A workspace should not stop with work desks and storage solutions. Beyond that employees need spaces to relax and have a chit chat. 

A corner table will be a smart solution in this regard. Such furniture offers space for employees to have discussions or brainstorming. 

Pull-out sofas are also finding space in office interior design in UAE. Other than being a space to converse comfortably this will give opportunities for employees to take a power nap.


These are some of the smart furniture choices that can enhance productivity along with employee well-being. Looking beyond a ‘work and leave’ culture into the modern demands of the workforce will enable you to make smart choices when it comes to office furniture. Depending on your taste for a home-like office or an industrial-style office the best companies providing office interior design in UAE like Luxury & More can offer you customized solutions for office furniture. 


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