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Updated: May 18

Bedrooms are intimate spaces in our homes. We relax and renew there, therefore it deserves our whole attention. We all want to make our bedroom more luxurious at some point. We can duplicate the magic in our little bedroom with a few tricks at a low cost. These design tips from the Best Residential Interior Companies in UAE will make your bedroom a pleasant retreat.

Ways to transform your bedroom

1. Clean your sheets

A cozy, clean bedroom's main feature is the large, comfy bed. Start with a bed makeover to give your bedroom a luxurious atmosphere. A fresh pair of laundered and pressed sheets can help. Excellent crisp cotton percale is best. Forget about thread count—touch and feel the cloth and spray it with lavender or rose essential oils to feel luxurious. Relaxing linen spray and new sheets. That's the secret to a great night's sleep.

2. Select a palette

Colour is essential for a peaceful bedroom. Neutral colours create a quiet, serene mood, which is most noticeable in a bedroom. A calm room is created by the neutral colour, curtains, and upholstery. Skip the crimson linens for a homely feeling and instead soothing blue or white.

Quite rightly, most luxury hotel rooms are neutrally designed. Pale neutrals brighten the atmosphere and your mood by reflecting light. Using several shades of the same colour in the room is stylish. This variance gives a small room a feeling of consistency and makes it appear larger.

3. Rent bedroom furniture

Luxury is sometimes connected with modernity. A bedroom with outdated furnishings can appear poor. However, buying new bedroom furniture is expensive. You can hire trendy bedroom furniture to update your space.

4. Don't overlook small pleasures

All the meticulously crafted features make a five-star hotel comfortable, not simply the beds and decor. Make yourself and your family feel pampered by adding a few hotel bedroom accents. For instance, keep a glass and water carafe by your bed. You can update your bedroom wardrobe with new hangers.

5. Improve what's lovely

Since you wish to redesign rather than remodel, highlight the room's strengths. Are there large, lovely windows, ceilings, or floors? Enhance what makes the space beautiful. Give your magnificent windows a new paint job to improve their charm.

6. Add huge wall art

A mid-sized, average-looking bedroom can be striking. Hanging a huge piece of art in a small area can add intrigue and make it appear larger. The room feels more luxurious with larger canvas or framed paintings. Large artwork looks expensive.

7. Fresh flowers and greenery

Leave fresh flowers in every bedroom to instantly upgrade it. As always, adding greenery is the fastest and easiest method to make your area look premium. Your preferred shape is up to you. Would you like a big fern? Want to put miniature potted plants on your dresser?

Even a plain room seems luxurious with a few plants. We'd love to have fresh flowers and greenery in every room, but they're hard to maintain. We can keep something alive in the kitchen and master bedroom.

You don't need an expensive bouquet. The simpler the structure, the better. Stick to one fresh flower, whichever is abundant in the season, and add a drop of bleach to the water to kill stinky germs, say experts. Garden roses, peonies, and hyacinths are soft-scented. Avoid thick, lily-like pollen blossoms that cause sneezing and wheezing.

8. Add personalization

To keep your bedroom cozy, embrace unique, personal elements and curate them wisely. Bedrooms may be retreats. Keep it simple but add fun and whimsy to wake up smiling. Your bedroom should feature flowers, artwork, or decorative objects that bring you joy and lighten your mood. Choose items that make you joyful, then reduce the selection to make the area feel private and uncluttered.

9. Pick the right lighting

Imagine your hotel room with all its light sources. Apart from the bed, there are wall sconces, overhead lighting, and a table lamp. All of these light sources create different moods and serve several purposes in the room. Focus on two things: the fixture's appearance and the light's effect.

Switchable and dimmable lights are preferable for bedrooms, whereas bright table lamps are good for desks. Consider your bedroom's sleeping area, yoga space, and home office while choosing lighting. Instead of one large lamp at the ceiling, use multiple smaller lamps throughout the room. This creates a beautiful and romantic area and pulls the eye around the room.

10. Avoid clutter

Focus on statement pieces. Every bedroom has a centrepiece, but make it the focal point. A velvet armchair, gilded dresser, or dark wood bed frame are all options. Instead of filling the room with furniture, let each piece stand out. The floor should be clean and free of books and extension wires to make the bedroom look elegant. Furniture rentals help declutter bedrooms. Thus, you may conveniently dispose of unwanted furniture.

11. Use mirrors wisely

Smart planning may make a simple bedroom look sumptuous. If you want mirrors in your bedroom, hang large mirrors on either side of the room to provide light and shine and make it look expensive. If you can't afford custom glass, find matching mirrors to achieve the same appearance.

You can look elegant with rectangular black-framed mirrors or fashionable circular ones. Mirrors have long been used to create the appearance of space. Mirrored walls are ideal for tiny places and almost double space. If you don't like wall-to-wall mirrors in your bedroom, why not put one above your headboard on the upper half of the wall? The antique finish adds flair.

12. Add cushions

This method works brilliantly and is ageless. A pile of fluffy cushions in different shapes and colours can instantly make a bed look great. Even with basic sewing skills, you can manufacture inexpensive cushions. Search online for basic tutorials.

The goal is to have many cushions in different colours and patterns. Keep your motif consistent by incorporating one colour from the patterned cushions in the basic ones. Fluffy, overfilled throw pillows may change your bedroom and make it look sumptuous.

13. Wall and floor covering

Luxury soft carpets are ideal for bedrooms, which are all about relaxation and indulgence. Shaggy or deep-pile carpets in light colours reflect light and draw attention away from the room's seeming smallness, making it appear larger. Hanging an enormous piece of art in a small area can add suspense and make it look bigger and more expensive. The larger the canvas or framed painting, the fancier the bedroom. Large artwork offers a premium gallery look.

You now know that adding luxury to your bedroom doesn't have to be pricey. Get bedroom furniture on rent if you need to replace it without spending a fortune the Best Residential Interior Companies in UAE. With a few tweaks, you may have a modern, exotic bedroom at home that will make you feel like you're in a five-star hotel.

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