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Top Interior Design Companies in Dubai for 2024

Updated: Jun 12

Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai for 2024

Top Interior Design Companies in Dubai for 2024

Dubai is well known for its magnificent architecture and luxurious way of life, and this also applies to interior design. Selecting the best interior design firm can be difficult because there are so many outstanding ones, each with their own distinct style and level of expertise.

These businesses convert areas into opulent retreats for both commercial and residential projects. Prestigious names in the field, Luxury and More Interiors is a shining example of excellence, providing unmatched design services.

How do Interior Companies Work with their Clients?

When working with clients, best interior design companies in Dubai arrange a meeting to go over their requirements and preferences. After that, the designer will doodle out concepts and assess the area while considering the client's budget and any unique needs. After they have a general concept for the design, they will show the client their proposal and make any required changes.

The designer will collaborate with the contractors throughout the building phase to guarantee that the project is finished according to schedule. The designer will assess the outcome after the project is finished and make any necessary final design changes.

History about Luxury and More Interiors

Founded in 2015, Luxury and More Interiors is one of the top interior design companies in Dubai for 2024 that specializes in crafting luxurious and personalized interior design services for both residential and commercial spaces. Every project, from opulent residences to chic business buildings, is evidence of the successful blending of traditional Dubai culture with modern architectural styles.

Driven by a thriving building industry and a desire for sustainability, Dubai's interior designers are breaking new ground in innovative methods that strike a balance between environmental responsibility and aesthetic appeal. With power-packed team of interior designers Luxury and More are dedicated in offering the best interior design services in Dubai 2024, that portrays elegance, timeless beauty and refinement.

Services Offered by Luxury and More Interiors

Buying a house or a villa is always a one time investment. So it is crucial to leave the inside decorating done by best interior design companies in Dubai for 2024 like Luxury and More. They are skilled enough in decorating and transforming any property into a luxurious haven while taking your preferences into consideration.

Luxury and More believe that your places is not just an ordinary space; it’s the reflection of your personality and lifestyle so They’ll to help you bring your space to life with the below services:

Residential Interiors

Luxury & More Interiors excels in transforming homes into luxurious and comfortable havens. Their residential interior design services include:

Apartments: The firm designs elegant and functional apartments, ensuring each space maximizes comfort and style. They tailor their designs to reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of each client, creating bespoke living environments.

Villas: With a focus on opulence and sophistication, Luxury & More Interiors creates bespoke interiors for luxury villas. Their designs incorporate high-end finishes, custom furnishings, and smart home technologies to enhance the living experience.

Commercial Interiors

Understanding the importance of a well-designed workspace, Luxury & More Interiors offers comprehensive commercial interior design services. They work closely with clients to create environments that promote productivity and reflect the corporate identity. Services include:

Office Spaces: The company designs modern and efficient office spaces that foster productivity and collaboration. They take the time to understand the client's business needs and create a strategy that aligns with their goals.

Retail Spaces: Luxury & More Interiors specializes in designing captivating retail environments that enhance customer experience and drive sales. Their innovative layouts and eye-catching displays ensure that each retail space stands out.

Architectural Consultation

Luxury & More Interiors provides expert architectural consultation services to guide clients through the pre-construction phases of their projects. This includes:

Design Development: Creating detailed design concepts and plans that align with the client's vision.

Permit Documents: Assisting with the preparation and submission of necessary documentation for obtaining permits.

Construction Documentation: Providing comprehensive construction documentation with high levels of detail to ensure smooth project execution.

Luxury and More’s Projects Highlights

For many years now, Luxury and More is proud to be known as the best interior design companies in Dubai for 2024 serving both residential and commercial spaces. They boast an impressive portfolio of diverse project of which some are listed below:

Private Villa in Nad Al Shiba

This luxurious villa in Nad Al Shiba showcases Luxury & More’s ability to blend contemporary design with traditional elements. The villa features expansive living spaces, custom furnishings, and state-of-the-art home automation systems. Every detail, from the opulent chandeliers to the elegant marble floors, has been carefully selected to create a harmonious and lavish living environment.

Residential Villa in Shakbout City

This private villa, which is situated in the elite Shakbout City neighbourhood, is evidence of Luxury & More's dedication to quality. The interior design of the villa combines opulent finishes with modern aesthetics. The gorgeous bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, and open-plan living area are all designed to be both stylish and comfortable. Luxurious materials and specially crafted furniture improve the home's overall appearance and atmosphere.

Private Villa in Ajman

The Ajman Private Villa is the ideal example of how to combine elegance and practicality. This villa has been transformed into a chic and tranquil retreat by Luxury & More Interiors. Modern kitchens, large living rooms, and tastefully decorated bedrooms are all features of the layout. An ambiance of peace and invitingness is created by the use of luxurious fabrics and finishes with neutral tones.

Private Villa in Al Nahyan Camp

This villa in Al Nahyan Camp is unique due to its modern style and fine craftsmanship. A distinctive and fashionable home was created by Luxury & More Interiors by combining traditional design elements with modern materials. The villa has large living areas, an opulent master bedroom, and exquisitely designed gardens. The villa's comfort and functionality are improved by the incorporation of smart home technology.

Why Luxury and More Stands Out

With their expert services, Luxury & More led the best interior design services of 2024, offering designs that are as unique as you are. Several factors set them apart from the other interior design companies in Dubai:

Customized Style: Luxury interior design embraces unique features that are tailored to each individual and goes beyond passing trends in fashion. Every detail of the décor, including every fabric and piece of furniture, has been thoughtfully chosen to reflect the client's preferences and individuality.

Timeless Aesthetics: Though trends change over time, exceptional luxury interior design never goes out of style. It embraces classic aesthetics that transcend the transient appeal of the latest trends.

Smooth Technology Integration: In addition to ornate decorative accents, modern luxury seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies. From smart home systems to creative lighting, renowned top interior design companies in Dubai for 2024 embrace innovation without sacrificing the classic appeal. Luxury and More create places that are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced through the synthesis of the ancient and the modern.

Design Process of Luxury and More

The design and implementation process at Luxury & More Interiors is a seamless journey from concept to completion. Here’s an overview:

Initial Consultation: Understanding the client’s needs, preferences, and vision.

Concept Development: Creating a detailed design concept with sketches and mood boards.

Design Approval: Collaborating with the client to refine and approve the design.

Implementation: Coordinating with contractors and vendors to execute the design plan.

Final Touches: Adding finishing touches and ensuring the project meets the highest standards of quality.

Throughout the process, the team at Luxury & More Interiors addresses challenges with innovative solutions, ensuring each project is delivered on time and within budget.

Contact Luxury & More Interiors

If you are looking to transform your space with the best interior design services in Dubai 2024, contact Luxury & More Interiors:

Phone: +971 2 8869 553

Address: M2-7, Mouza Almazrouei Building, 115, Khalifa Bin Zayed the First Street, Al Hosn Area, Abu Dhabi 20032, P.O. Box: 34025


While Dubai is home to many exceptional interior design companies, Luxury & More Interiors stands out for its commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and innovative designs. Whether you are looking to redesign your home or create a captivating retail space, Luxury & More Interiors offers the best interior design services in Dubai for 2024. Their impressive portfolio, combined with their dedication to quality, ensures that they remain a top choice for clients seeking unparalleled interior design solutions.

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